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hey, my name is sean and im from tampa bay florida. i was searching through purevolume a little over a year ago and came across ACK.. OMG. being in a band myself, i really wanted to cry when i found out they broke up. the music is so incredible. if i had the time and money i would totally fly out to see them play this reunion show, OMG. i would die to go see it. anyway, if any one from this band are in a new band, i would love to know the name, and hope its just as good. if anyone knows any of the members of this band, could someone give them my IM so i can talk to them because i have a few questions. my IM is: dearfriends xx (and yes its from the cutthroat kiss song, lol)

Name: Sean Crowe
Age: 17
Where you live: hudson, florida
How long you've liked ACK: a little over a year
How you heard about them: purevolume
Favorite Song: Dear Friends (so amazing, lol)
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EW live Land O' Lakes FL.
i did cry when i found out about them breaking up because i had just found out about them and was, well still am, i love with their music.
damn cali. they should play in florida.
amen.. we should get together some money and fly em out, haha.

no joke.
Profeta (the drummer) is now the drummer for HelloGoodbye.

The rest basically haven't touched an instrument since then.