the safety of routine (artofgrowingup) wrote in cutthroat_kiss,
the safety of routine

ack is worth dying for.

ACK is the greatest fuckin band i have and will ever listen to.
i had twwut, dear friends, and cut an x for the longest time on my old comp all my files crashed long ago. got a new comp a few months ago.. after a while i remembered tons of bands i had before so i went download crazy. and just a week ago i found out one of my friends had the whole upon our last night ep and i threatened his ass to send me it. so i have that, dear friends and gasoline sunsets. and i couldnt have been happier.

if ack was still together right now you and i both now how big they would have been.
and it wouldve been well fuckin deserved.

Name: Sean
Age: 17
Where you live: Vegas
How long you've liked ACK: ..i liked them almost 2 years ago? im not sure. but for as long as i can remember their songs have been carved into my head
How you heard about them: purevolume
Favorite Song: the way we used to
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